September 2014


What a fabulous summer we have had so far. CND have outdone themselves this year by bringing out the most amazing range of specialist hand and nail products, in particular, the 'Additive Collection' and the Shellac 'Modern Folklore Collection'. These products have enabled clients from Salisbury and the surrounding villages or Wiltshire and Dorset to change their look and style with ease. Whether its by adding a subtle glimmer of gloss and sparkle, or by vamping up their look with Rockstar and the Additives Paradise Collection, clients have fully taken advantage of this oustanding range of CND products. Sunny weather and lazy days by the pool can take its toll on your nails. Over exposure to sunlight and chemicals such as chlorine, can leave your hands and nails feeling dehydrated and stressed out, which can result in the nails becoming brittle and weak. At Pure and Exquisite will provide you with personalised homecare advice, to ensure you continue to feel the benefits of your treatment at home. Here are our top three 'must have' treatments and homecare products:

Citrus Spa Manicure - A blend of citrus oils and black tea extracts to help replenish the skins natural oil contents and repair damaged skin. The zesty frangance will engergize, refresh and lift spirts every time. CND Moisture Pack - Solar Oil and AHA Cuticle Eraser. Designed to exfoliate the cuticles with a rich, creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturises cuticles and helps prevent hangnails. When conbined with the Award-winning cuticle oil, it provides an intense moisture pack, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticle area. Everything you need to see you into Autumn ...............


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