October 2012, Top Tips

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Well October is well and truly underway, and our Top Tips for keeping your skin and nails in good condition maybe just the thing you need this winter. The winter months can be tough on your hands and nails, often leaving your skin dry and your nails brittle. At Pure & Exquisite we have come up with 3 Top Tips on how to care for your hands and nails during the coming winter months.

Tip 1: Good Protection -

Your hands and nails are vulnerable to the outside elements during the winter months. Invest in a good pair of gloves and keep your hands and nails protected with a nourishing handcream and nail oil. We strongly recommend CND Citrus Hand Cream and CND Solar Oil. Both products contain a range of ingredients that heel and protect the skin and nails (Black Tea Extracts, Almond Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E).

Tip 2: Look after your Manicured Nails -

The two week Shellac Manicure Treatment has been exposed to come controversy over recent months. Research from the U.S. poses questions around the the application and removal of such gel polishes; 'Do they leave your nails thin, brittle and peeling, or, do they strengthen your natural nails?'. CND pride themselves on their rigourous education programmes, as we do at Pure & Exquisite, and ensure all of their nail technicians go through regular training programmes to ensure they nail practices are safe it everyway (I can assure you their training programmes are tough!!). If your Shellac Polish is applied and removed by a trained technician, then there should be no damage caused to the natural nail. It is important to remember that the Shellac Polish has a honeycomb construction, making it porous. Regular use of AHA Cuticle Eraser, Solar Oil and handcreams will penetrate and nourish the natural nails. With this in mind it is also important to remember that chemicals will also penetrate the natural nails. So the messge is - Where rubber gloves and use nail oils and creams regularly to look after your natural nails, particularly in the winter months.

Tip 3: Love your Cuticles - Your cuticle play an important role in keeping your nail healthy and looking good. The cuticles are extremly vulnerable to the cold weather so it is essential you take good care of them. We suggest, after a warm bath, to gently ease the cuticles back with a corner of a towel. In soft, circular movements, gently role the cuticles back, easing them away from the nail plate. To remove the cuticles, use AHA Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil twice a day. Using this moisture pack, will gentle exfoliate the cuticles away, without any invasive traetments.


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