Top Tips for Getting your Feet Ready for Summer.....


Here are Pure and Exquisite's top 3 tips for getting your feet ready for the summer. Remember, it takes time to get your feet in the perfect condition, so the New Year is the perfect time to start this beauty regime.

1. Smooth it out.....

Take time to soak your feet for at least 10-15 minutes, this will soften the skin ready for exfoliation. Use an exfoliator that contains magnesium sulfate, which provide effective, yet gentle physical exfoliation. Regular exfoliation helps to gentle reduce dry, cracked skin and by doing this you are essentially revitalising the feet and revealing new skin. We recommend CND Marine Salt Scrub; an uplifting sea-salt scrub that gently polishes and refines skin to a healthy glow.

2. Toenails count too ....

When it comes to toenail trimming, the technique really does matter. The key to safe toenail cutting, it to cut them straight across, not at an angle. This helps to prevent the risk of ingrown toenails. When using an emery board, avoid using one which is lower at a 240 grit file (the lower the grit, the rougher the emery board). We recommend a CND 240 Kanga Board, for safe filing on the natural nails. Remember to also look out for infections on the toenails. As feet are more often in shoes, creating a dark, moist environment, toenails become far more susceptible to fungal infections - if you motive any discolouration, thickening of the nail plate and a strong odour, ensure you contact your GP.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise .....

Keep skin supple and sooth with a daily foot cream. Aim to use products which products which draw moisture into the skin, rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin. Look out for ingredients such as petrolatum, an emollient or a humectant, such as lactic acid in your foot cream. At Pure & Exquisite we recommend CND Cucumber Heel Therapy. This little miracle cream deeply moisturises, helps to calm irritation and relieves the effects of severe dryness on the heels and other parts of the body.


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