Summer Tips on Nail care


This summer it's all about the oil ....... For healthy and resilient nails, use an oil that is enriched with almonds and vitamin E. Remember that healthy nails are flexible with a pinkish glow and supple cuticles, so to keep yours from breaking aim to massage them with an oil, such at CND Solar Oil or CND RescueRXx twice a day. Use nail hardener a sparingly as some products can cause the nail plate to stiffen, resulting in brittle nails that easily and frequently break.

Buffing nails to a shine is a great way to keep them healthily. The buffing motion stimulates the blood circulation which can increase nail growth. Aim to buff your nails twice a week with a low grit buffing block. We recommend the CND Glossing Board.

This summer, go ahead and get colourful....... Be playful with your nail polish colours and designs. We recommend the CND Garden Muse and Flora & Fauna collection, all of which are available to purchase at Pure & Exquisite Nail Salon.

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