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Treatments and Prices

All of our nail services will begin with a thorough consultation designed to assess your natural nails, lifestyle, activity level and style preference.

CND Nail Extensions

Full set of Forever Polish/ Natural Nail Enhancements (sculpting or artificial tips)

1hr 30min - 2hrs                                  £42

Natural Nail Overlay

The application of CND Liquid & Powder to natural nails that do not require additional length, but seek additional strength and flexibility

1hr 30min                                             £40

Full Set of Acrylic Toe Overlays

1hr 30min                                             £35


Maintenance Treatments



A method of maintaining the balance and beauty of the nail enhancements while the natural nail grows.

1hr 30min                                             £40



A short treatment to fill in the small area of growth to make the nail enhancement appear smooth without a ridge at the base of the nail.

1hr 15min                                              £32

Replacement Nails

20min                               From £5 per nail


Removal of Enhancements and Mini Manicure

Safe removal of nail enhancements, accompanied with a re-shape and mini cuticle treatment

45min                                                    £17

NB: The price of maintenance appointments will include the replacement of three loss nail enhancements; additional replacements will be charged at £3 per nail enhancement.

CND Shellac Treatments


Our Shellac treatments are combine with the CND Extender Wear Base Coat and a Hard Gel additional top coat, to attend wear to 2-3 weeks. 

CND Shellac Treatment (hands or feet)

1hr                                                       £28


CND Shellac Treatment (hands and feet)

1hr 45min                                           £48

Full set of French Polish and Natural Nail Enhancements Including a Shellac Polish.

2hrs 30min                                          £48

Natural Nail Overlay and a Shellac Polish

1hr 45min                                            £45

Full Set of Acrylic Toe Overlay and a Shellac Polish

1hr 45 min                                           £40

Rebalance and a Shellac Polish

1hr 45 min                                           £45

Infill and a Shellac Polish

1hr 30min                                            £38

CND Luxury Spa Manicure Treatments
Our stunning Spa Manicure Treatments soothe tired hands, leaving them  baby-soft & smelling oh-so-sweet. The hands are soaked in a nourishing warm oil that transforms into a beautiful milky moisture bath, to soften dry stubborn cuticles.  An intense Cuticle Treatment is professionally performed followed by expert filing of the fingernails. Hands are polished & conditioned with a luxurious thick, moistursing scrub leaving them oh-so-soft.  The hands will then enjoy an Illuminating Masque and Thermal Mittens that deeply conditions & refines, leaving skin with a healthy glow.  To complete the treatment we will perform a blissful hand and arm massage, finished with a polish of your choice..........

CND Luxury Spa Manicure with a Vinylux Polish 

1hr 15min                                        £33                                                                   CND Luxury Spa Manicure & Shellac Polish

1hr 45min                                        £38                                                          

Express Manicure (file, cuticle work, hand massage and a CND VINYLUX polish)

50min                                              £23 


File and Polish (CND VINYLUX polish) 30min                                              £15







Eye Treatments
All of our tinting treatments are performed using the professional Lycocil range. These tints create fabulous eyelashes and eyebrows, which instantly appear longer and thicker for up to six weeks. 

Eyelash Tint 

30 mins                                                            £10


Eyebrow Tint

15 mins                                                             £8


Eyelash Tint and Brow Tint 

40 mins                                                            £15


Eyebrow Shape

20 mins                                                             £8


Eyebrow Tint & Shape 

30 mins                                                            £12

Eyelash Tint, Brow Tint and Brow Shape

1 hr                                                                  £20


Footlogix Dry/Soakless Pedicure
The Footlogix Dry Pedicure is where Medi Meets Pedi.  This professional Pedicure range allows us to performs an express treatment with outstanding results.  Your feet will be cleansed an expertly examined to decide on the most appropriate products to suit your needs. Footlogix Cuticle and Callus Softener is sprayed and left for 2-3 minutes to absorb into the skin to quickly and effectively soften calluses and dry skin.  Expert cuticle work is safely performed and calluses are gently removed using the Footlogix Professional Stainless-Steel File. To complete the treatment, a hydrating Footlogix Professional Mousse and Conditioner is applied, finished with a polish of your choice..  This soakless pedicure treatment will leave your feet looking beautiful and fully hydrated. 

Footlogix Dry Pedicure and Shellac Polish 

1hr 15min                                        £38


Footlogix Dry Pedicure and Vinylux Polish 

50min                                              £28

File and Polish (CND VINYLUX polish) 30min                                              £15

All our waxing treatments are performed using premium quality waxing cream.  With a rich and creamy formula, our sensitive skin wax leaves the skin feeling luxuriously smooth and hydrated . 

Eyebrow Wax

15min                                         £8


Upper Lip Wax

15min                                         £5


Chin Wax

15min                                         £5